Ancient History Portfolio & Timeline ZZ

Ancient History Portfolio & Timeline ZZ
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A History of First Civilizations Through the Classical Age
Are you looking for a unique, amazing, individual way to organize, display, and keep your child''s history studies?
"The History Portfolio books encourage rigorous study and plenty of creativity while a compact and handsome way of keeping and storing a child's own written projects, drawing and maps. In this way each History Portfolio book becomes a keepsake, a book to treasure."

I have found that people need a sample of what this program can do before they truly understand the beauty of the Ancient History Portfolio & Timeline. Check out their website for the Ancient History Portfolio & Timeline to get great ideas on how this program can be done.

Ancient History Portfolio & Timeline Once you have seen the samples I am sure you will agree it is a great way to organize and display your valuable information.

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Author Barbara Shukin
Timeline Creation to Christ
Grade Level All Grades