Z Child's Geography: Explore His Earth Vol I OSI

Z Child's Geography: Explore His Earth Vol I OSI
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A Child's Geography: Exploring His Earth with CD” is about getting to know what's under our feet, over our heads and in the world around us—the atmosphere, the hydrosphere, the lithosphere—and then how to get around this world—maps, latitude and longitude. Do you know how many gallons of water float in a cloud over our head—how far it is to the center of the Earth—what causes magnificent auroras, God's love lights—how God used the Flood to puzzle our planet into different shifting plates? Well, hop on board to experience Adventures for the Inquisitive Child—and every excursion glorifies our breathtaking Creator!

A Child's Geography: "Exploring His Earth" is, in some ways, really like exploring and scouting out various routes before a grand trip! While scouting and surveying the grand scheme of things, the sciences of His Earth, our appetite is whetted for the real march out, the countries of this Earth. The anticipation builds as we learn about the workings and the ways of His Earth. Then, having gained our bearings in "Explore His Earth," future volumes of "A Child's Geography" will follow the same traditional path of our chronological study of history, trekking through the countries of our world today.
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Author Ann Voskamp
Format CD ROM
ISBN 9781932786323
Grade Level Grade 1 to 6