Z FIVE IN A ROW Volume 4 N/A

Z FIVE IN A ROW Volume 4 N/A
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While Supplies Last!
Ages 4 to 8

ALL the great extra features that help make Five in a Row so special are included in this one volume. Laminated story disks, Five in a Row Cookbook, Christian Character and Bible Study Supplement -all to co-ordinate with Five in a Row Volume 4!-

New lay flat spiral binding!

Have you finished the first three volumes of Five in a Row and are looking for another great volume of wonderful stories and lessons to explore? Volume 4 is now in stock at CHER!

The new stories to go with Volume 4 have been arriving, and they all look like keepers. You and your children will laugh with delight as you read about the true story of Mailing May and how her problem was solved. The Raft is sure to bring out the naturalist and the artist in you and your child. Arabella, Albert, The Hickory Chair, Roxaboxen, and Snowflake Bentley are sure to become family favorites.

Five in a Row, Volume 4 for ages 7-8 is intended for children who have already explored most of the Five in a Row lessons found in the first three volumes. The lessons found in Volume 4 are more challenging and would be inappropriate for children ages 4-6.

To complete your Five in a Row set, the Lamberts have packaged all the components that make Five in a Row so special into one volume. You'll find that Volume 4 also contains the deluxe, laminated story disks, the Five in a Row Cookbook supplement pages and the "Christian Character and Bible Study" pages- all of which are sold separately for volumes 1-3.

Within these 340 pages, veteran Five in a Row users will find a rich treasury of teaching ideas and a new standard for teacher direction, created to help the user become a better teacher in every sense of the word.

Units for Five in a Row, Volume 4 include: Roxaboxen, The Raft, Mailing May, Snowflake Bentley, The Gullywasher, Arabella, Higgins Bend Song and Dance, Cowboy Charlie, Grass Sandals, Albert, The Hickory Chair, Hanna's Cold Winter, The Hatmaker's sign, Pumpkin Runner, and Angelo.

If you have enjoyed Five in a Row and completed Volumes 1, 2 and 3, you will be delighted with Volume 4.

Because FIAR Volume 4 has so much combined in one volume, the price is higher, however if you are a Five in a Row fan, you are in for a treat.

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Age Level Ages 7 to 8