Z Rosetta Stone Homeschool Hebrew Level 2

Z Rosetta Stone Homeschool Hebrew Level 2
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Homeschool Edition, Version 3

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Includes Audio Companion™

This complete Rosetta Stone Homeschool foreign language curriculum, enhanced with Audio Companion CDs, includes everything your students need to begin learning Hebrew, as well as tools that help you plan lessons, monitor and report your students' progress.

Rosetta Stone Homeschool features predefined curriculum paths for learning, so parents can be sure their students are moving forward...even if they don't speak the language themselves.

Audio Companion™ CDs reinforce language learning anytime, anyplace. Students will acquire new skills on the computer, and then reinforce them with Audio Companion. Simply play the CDs on a CD player or download to an MP3 player.

Audio Companion activities correspond to Rosetta Stone computer-based lessons. Listen to Audio Companion and practice the content learned on the computer, turning travel time into productive language learning time.

Ambitious and advanced learners don't have to stop when they complete their computer lessons with Rosetta Stone. Audio Companion lets them access lessons whenever and wherever they want.

Audio Companion features distinct words and shorter phrases to make them easier to hear and repeat. Students will build good enunciation habits by hearing native speakers pronounce new vocabulary first.

The speaking portion of Audio Companion lets learners listen to questions and answers, repeating them to use later. To help them build conversational skills, first they will listen to a conversation and then repeat phrases individually.
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