Z God's Design for Chemistry & Ecology - Properties of Matter Student Text

Z God's Design for Chemistry & Ecology - Properties of Matter Student Text
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God's Design Series

In this complete chemistry and ecology curriculum for 3rd to 8th graders, your students will study the matter and environments that make up our world. They will learn about the tools of science, the scientific method, and the periodic table, as well as the properties of ecosystems and biomes. They will explore acids, bases, and salts and have fun with food chemistry in the kitchen through hands-on activities in every lesson.

In this textbook, you will learn all about matter - the stuff that makes up the universe that God created. You will learn the way to measure the properties of solids, liquids, and gases and the process of classification. You will have fun as you learn to use the scientific method to explore solutions and mixtures. Biographies of scientists and other special features keep it interesting. And best of all you get to do chemistry in the kitchen by baking bread and making homemade ice cream - all white you study the chemicals that make up your food!

Teacher's Manual Required.

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