Raven's Curse

Raven's Curse
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Elijah Creek & the Armor of God #03

Mystery and adventure with spiritual overtones is an excellent recipe for successful fiction series for tweens, as evidenced by the popularity of the "Left Behind: The kids" series, the "Forbidden Doors" series by Bill Myers, and Frank Peretti's "The Veitas Project" books. Author Lena Wood has a strong desire to help young people develop an understanding of the power of Scripture and prayer as weapons in the battles of life, seen or unseen. Standard Publishing chose the "Elijah Creek & The Armor of God" series as part of its debut into juvenile fiction in part because of the strong biblical stance it presents, encouraging tweens to known and use the word.

Picture of Raven's Curse
Raven's Curse
Raven's Curse

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Copyright Copyright
Author Lena Wood
Series Elijah Creek & The Armor of God
Format Paperback
ISBN 9780784715925
Age Level Ages 8 +
Number of Pages 189 Pages