Severed Head

Severed Head
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Elijah Creek & the Armor of God #01

Mystery and adventure with spiritual overtones is an excellent recipe for successful fiction series for tweens

Ancient treasure lies buried in the basement of an abandoned church, And never – not in his wildest dreams – does Elijah Creek imagine that an innocent peek into that old church will change his life forever. But it does…

When the treasure mysteriously disappears, Elijah and his friends begin a quest to find it. As discord and difficulties emerge, Elijah and his friends realize that this ancient treasure is more than they thought it would be – and someone who wants it lost forever is battling against them. Their discoveries test their friendship nearly beyond its limits, until Elijah withdraws to a place of mystery and later confronts the old man who knows the secret of the treasure. Together Elijah and his friends begin to sense that God has plans for them beyond anything they have ever dreamed.
For ages 8-12
192 pages.
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Severed Head
Severed Head

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Format Paperback
ISBN 9780784715833