Z Road to Avonlea Season 4 Z

Z Road to Avonlea Season 4 Z
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Olivia and Jasper await the birth of their first baby. To complicate matters, Jasper's eccentric relatives gather for a family reunion, only to become embroiled in a family feud with the Kings. Hetty King resigns from teaching to pursue a writing career and develops a secret friendship with the new schoolteacher, Clive Pettibone. Sara experiences her first adolescent heartache, when she falls for an aging Wild West show cowboy, played by Treat Williams. Felicity's friendship with Gus Pike turns serious and she must decide between him and Arthur Pettibone, the new boy in town. Looking for places to invest her money, Hetty becomes a not-so-silent partner in the White Sands Hotel and proceeds to make Simon Tremayne's life a living hell. The finale sees Hetty King and Jasper Dale working together to make a "home movie" in order to save Avonlea from the hands of a ruthless land developer.
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Timeline 1900's
Location Canada
Format DVD
ISBN 622237236726
Age Level All Ages